About Me

I am a graduate student at the Computer Science and Engineering department, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. I am interested in the theory and applications of machine learning. I work with Prof. Edwin Olson on applying machine learning to problems that arise in Robotics.

Other interests include computational geometry, signal processing, software engineering, low-level programming, algorithms, statistics and artificial intelligence in general. Outside work, I play soccer and ride my bike to stay fit. I am from Coimbatore, India. I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at P.S.G College of Technology, Coimbatore.

Current Research

Automated saftey inspection for railway crossings

Every year lots of lives and property are lost in rail-road accidents. There are lot of factors involved: visibility around the crossing, visibility of signs and signals. Poorly maintained roads can cause vehicles with low clearance to bottom out at the crossing. This work uses sensor data from a railway inspection vehicle to detect rail-road crossings and analyze their safety aspects. Read more...

MAGIC Robotics Competition 2010

Our team is participating in the Mobile Autonomous Ground-Robotic International Challenge. This competition requires us to build a multi-vehicle robotic team that can execute an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission in a dynamic urban environment. Stay tuned for more updates.

Other Research

Organizing my mailbox using machine intelligence Reduced order transfer functions using genetic algorithms Hybrid evolutionary algorithms for graph coloring